Korint will be replaced 2017

Korint will be replaced summer 2017 with EduPrint.

EduPrint does a bit more than Korint:
Scan to other mail address than your own
Scan to cloud storage (OneDrive, Gdrive, Box)
Print out from mobile devices
EduPrint uses PayEx as debit system for students.

Service window

The 3:rd Monday each month between 8 pm and 9 pm is reserved service time for Korints core system. During this time, part of or the system can be unavailable.

SOLVED 8:08 pm
Korint is back in full functionality again.

Printing with the Korint client is unfunctional

We are working on the issue. Printing with Korint IPP is working.

Size of scanned document.

The maximum size for scanned to mail is back to 40MB.

Scennd document does not arrive to email or arrive after a long time.

Sometimes it takes unusually long time for the email with the scan to arrive. The cause of that is that the virus and spam check performed by the Sunet filter have too many emails to check and a queue is building up. We are working together with sunet to reduce this queues.

Korint works with OSX Sierr 10.12.

If Your printoutjob disappears from the Printer, money is charged, money is suddenly back again but no printing is done.

Go to  Register PayEx.

Log in.

Click Delete and restart registration of PayEx account.

If that button is not visible, please contact servicedesk with a description of the error.

Self service You can see information about your waiting prints or history for made jobs.
Register card Here you can register your access card or key fob.
Register PayEx Connect a PayEx account for payment.
Deregister card If you lost your access card or key fob, you can unregister the card here.
Go to PayEx account

Use the emailadress You picked when You registeredt You Payex-account to log in.